December 31, 2016

Currently - Week 52

(image from Pexels)
cooking: salads and pastas.
drinking: tea with soy milk.
reading: so many books. This week alone, I finished Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (probably my favorite, for the portrait of a family it painted, not for the parenting theory), The Fortunes, Hot Milk, Everything I Never Told You, Lost in Translation (Hoffman), Voracious, and Better.
listening: to the people outside.
watching: the scenes outside.
bookmarking: nothing. I didn't use the computer much this week.
looking: at the New Year's tree I helped decorate.
doing: more sleeping in, and not regretting it one bit.
loving: all the time I get to walk outside, read, and (soon) re-unite with friends.
wondering: what 2017 will bring.
hoping: it'll be the best year yet.
wanting: the best year ever.
needing: a bit more caffeine.
wearing: PJ's.
smelling: like the banana pancakes I made this morning.
noticing: how quickly time flies.
knowing: there's more time left.
laughing: at funny things.
thinking: about the year to come.
daydreaming: about the year to come.
wishing: for the best year yet.
feeling: better.

grateful:  for another year.

December 23, 2016

Currently - Week 51

(image from Pexels)

Whew! Long time no post. Things got really hectic after Thanksgiving, but I am happy to report that I am finally on vacation! These days have included tying up loose ends, enjoying the mild winter weather, and stacking up on volumes from the local library.

cooking: salads, avocado toast, and more.
drinking: Earl Gray tea. 
reading: just finished The Martian. What a page-turner! I decided to check out the movie because I think the book is perfect for a movie translation, and I'm curious if the movie made the changes I thought about while reading.
listening: to TOP's collaboration with another band, Ninet, and more. 
watching: Zootopia. It was great visually, but pretty thin in substance, even considering that it's an allegory.
bookmarking: books to read.
looking: outside.
doing: more walking! 
loving: this time off!
wondering: what the next few weeks and months will bring.
hoping: for a great few weeks and months.
wanting: to continue resting.
needing: this time off.
wearing: dark blue shirt, black jeans, and my parka.
smelling: my grandma's cooking.
noticing: a bit more daylight.
knowing: there are good times ahead! 
laughing: at anything funny.
thinking: about what to do for my birthday. I'm thinking of adjusting my usual tradition - more sprinkles this year! 
daydreaming: of traveling.
wishing: for a great 2017. At least it kicks off with my birthday, which is always a good time, and something I really love about being born in early January.
feeling: good.

grateful: for vacation and time spent with family at home.