August 6, 2017

Twenty-Nine and Thirty

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Good things from these past two weeks: Getting to work early, and leaving early. Reading fun books, and finishing two. Taking a new, better route to work, and walking more in the morning. Seeing a sunflower on a cloudy day, and a monarch butterfly on a sunny one. Pink skies on the walk home, and black raspberry ice cream, kiddie size, to go. Walking by the river, and perching in a cozy cafe, surrounded by books. 

July 21, 2017

Twenty-Seven and Twenty-Eight

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It's been busy lately, but here are some good things from lately: strawberries and cream. Getting compliments. Having a slow weekend. Free lunch-turned-dinner. Pad thai for take-away when it threatened to rain. Getting to write opinions. Video rewards. Chill music and taking a day off. Checking out the Public Gardens for the first time in a while. Photographing the swans. The train waiting for me. A walk down Newbury Street on Friday. Getting to the weekend. 

July 1, 2017


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Good things from this week: Train expressing on Monday. Seeing a full rainbow, live. Seeing "Life of Pi" for at-home movie night. And probably the best thing: finally getting to sink my toes into the sand for the holiday weekend, in the place I used to spend my childhood summers. 

June 24, 2017


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Good things from this week: jogging by the water. The train expressing on Monday morning. Finally baking chocolate fondant. Tasting the first berries of the season. Discovering Prince's "The Beautiful Ones," and then hearing "Raspberry Beret" outside days later. Finally getting Anna Karenina and other books I've been meaning to read. Stumbling upon a bestseller at the library by chance. Getting to write part of an opinion. Getting to the weekend.

June 17, 2017


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Good things from this week. Buying za'atar for the first time ever. Cooking from Soframiz. Freshening my wardrobe up a bit. Celebrating my mom's birthday. More after-dinner walks. Finishing 2 books this week, including Talking As Fast As I Can. Getting really excited about a giant book sale happening next week in my State. Having the train "express" on Friday. Having a schedule mix-up lead to hearing "Tangled Up in Blue" in the subway and a great jazz ensemble in Harvard Square. The Esplanade. Always the Esplanade.  

June 9, 2017


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Good things from this week: walking along the Esplanade and writing by the water. Making homemade zhoug and hummus for the first time. Eating chocolate petit fours and reading about cakes and music in Vienna. Hearing Sgt Pepper on the radio. Popping into libraries and bookstores; adding to my never-ending list. Grimmie's album out today. Finishing Bird by Bird. At-home movie night. After-dinner walks and gorgeous pink sunsets. So many opportunities planned for this weekend, like a birthday that calls for chocolate fondant, and jogging. "Gonna be sublime." 

June 2, 2017


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Can't believe it's June already. Good things from lately: having been absolutely enthralled by Tchaikovsky: Pro et Contra. Catching up with my closest friend over vegan lavender ice cream. Starting work, and learning so much. Finishing How to Be Parisian (finally), and plotting to make chocolate fondant. Taking time to read on the train. Getting excited about taking the "T" everywhere I want to go. Getting excited to make all of the things I've wanted to make. Going on after-dinner strolls. (The best, and something I now look forward to!) Coming home from the library with armfuls of books. Getting time off by taking the evenings off. Delighting in the start of the summer. At-home movie night this weekend, with a movie I've been wanting to see.