November 20, 2016

Currently - Week 46

(image from Pexels)
cooking: little. Finally visited Clover and tried their chickpea fritter sandwich this past weekend.
drinking: chamomile mango tea. 
reading: just finished When Breath Becomes Air. Really good book reflecting the meaning of life.
listening: to the radio. 
watching: time pass, when I notice it.
bookmarking: recipes and wishlist items.
looking: at my screen.
doing: more writing, finally.
loving: that I was finally able to write most of my paper, as I had set out to do. 
wondering: how I can slow time down.
hoping: for a good, productive week.
wanting: a little more time.
needing: some more warmth.
wearing: a robe.
smelling: my tea.
noticing: how much fun I had this past weekend, with two great social events.
knowing: that there are more good times ahead.
laughing: at my friends' jokes.
thinking: a lot lately.
daydreaming: of warm weather, ocean breezes, and grassy hills.
wishing: for my dreams to come true.
feeling: pretty good.

grateful: to have caught up with my friends and former college classmates in one of my favorite cities. 

November 13, 2016

Currently - Week 45

(image from Pexels)

cooking: deconstructed sushi bowls. 
drinking: ginger tea mixed with Earl Grey. 
reading: cases and articles, and The New York Times. But oh so very soon, When Breath Becomes Air
listening: to the sound of the ocean on Spotify.
watching: a National Geographic special on turtles. 
bookmarking: more recipes to enjoy.
looking: forward to next weekend, which promises two get-togethers, including one in Cambridge.
doing: slightly less work.
loving: quiet moments. 
wondering: how much quiet I'll be blessed with each day.
hoping: for something great.
wanting: more time to write. 
needing: more sleep, I think. 
wearing: a cozy robe.
smelling: the fresh winter air.
noticing: how much of the month has flown by. 
knowing: everything will be ok. 
laughing: at some late night comedy routines.
thinking: about myself.
daydreaming: about traveling.
wishing: for more little happy moments.
feeling: ok.
grateful: for weekends, generally. 

November 4, 2016

Currently - Week 44

(image from Pexels)

cooking: this past week, a variation on Mega Crunchy Romaine Salad
drinking: water, tea, and coffee 
reading: soon, when breath becomes air. (Finally got my hands on it.)
listening: to the sound of the ocean on Spotify.
watching: music interviews and videos.
bookmarking: the usual.
looking: out the window.
doing: today, more coloring. Fascinating how calming it really is.
loving: all the good little things my mom does.
wondering: what to eat for dinner.
hoping: for a productive and restful weekend.
wanting: more sleep.
needing: not much more.
wearing: a grey sweatshirt.
smelling: perfume.
noticing: how fall has finally burst forth.
knowing: everything will turn out ok.
laughing: at little funny things.
thinking: about what matters.
daydreaming: about my dreams coming true.
wishing: for my dreams to come true.
feeling: good.
grateful: for all the good little things my mom does.

October 29, 2016

Currently - Week 43

(image from Pexels)

cooking: lentil-based salads. once, with local pizza (that I did not cook) 
drinking: water, coffee, and tea. 
reading: cases and newspaper articles. a lot going on in the world right now. 
listening: to music. 
watching: the latest gilmore girls trailer, and younow streams 
bookmarking: an endless stream of things to read, make, and think about
looking: at my new calm desktop background 
doing: more. 
loving: learning so many new things. 
wondering: how soon I can catch up on work before I get back to...other work.
hoping: to have a wonderful week. 
wanting: a bit more sleep. 
needing: a bit more time to myself. 
wearing: pj's. 
smelling: nothing in particular.
noticing: how much darker it's getting already.
knowing: that everything will be ok.
laughing: at random turns of phrase, in print and on video. 
thinking: about my readings. 
daydreaming: about being in California again. 
wishing: for the best. 
feeling: alright. 
grateful: for the weekend, even if it had some downs. 

October 20, 2016

Currently - Week 41 and 42

cooking: kale salads, green smoothies, and tomorrow, mac and cheese. Because Friday.
drinking: more tea.
reading: all of my textbooks.
listening: to a late nite indie playlist. Currently, "Space Song."
watching: the days go by. 
bookmarking: events to attend.
looking: at my bed.
doing: what I feel I need to do.
loving: the moments I'm taking to myself, especially today.
wondering: what comments I'll receive on my thesis.
hoping: to catch up on studying after this much-needed pause.
wanting: to do well. 
needing: to sleep in soon.
wearing: make-up. 
smelling: the neighbor's cooking.
noticing: the orange trees around the neighborhood.
knowing: that everything will be ok.
laughing: at some of the funny phrases in my textbooks, especially when they're in cases. 
thinking: more about my thesis.
daydreaming: about some more quiet little moments.
wishing: for my dreams to come true.
feeling: pretty good about the work I've done this week. 
grateful: to be back, to have learned so much this week, and to have had many good little chats with friends. 

(image from Pexel)

October 7, 2016

Currently - Week 40

(image from Pexels)
cooking: not cooking much.
drinking: tea.
reading: the usual. next on my "to-read" list: when breath becomes air.
listening: to classical music on my mom's radio.
watching: this weekend, a civil action.
bookmarking: more ideas.
looking: forward to the long weekend!
doing: more resting.
loving: the upcoming opportunities to sleep in, and being taken care of at home.
wondering: what to do this weekend.
hoping: to heal well.
wanting: more sleep.
needing: some time off.
wearing: a robe.
smelling: the lemon from my tea.
noticing: the leaves starting to change.
knowing: the weekend is here.
laughing: at my tax professor's jokes.
thinking: about laws.
daydreaming: about an awesome future.
wishing: for an awesome future.
feeling: grateful.
grateful: to be alive.

September 28, 2016

Currently - Weeks 35 to 39

                                                                                            (image from Pexels)

cooking: this week, spinach salads w/apples, cheddar, and dried cherries. Next week, maybe this honey cake. Or maybe Pho.
drinking: water, coffee, and tea.  
reading: so many cases. 
listening: to the radio, in my car. to cars, from my house. 
watching: music videos, interviews, and other YouTube clips.
bookmarking: ideas for later.
looking: out the window.
doing: a bit more yoga, though I don't have a routine down yet. 
loving: the apple-picking trip I took with friends this past weekend. It was so nice to get out of school and to see a pretty new town. 
wondering: what next week will look like.
hoping: to recover quickly.
wanting: a day off.
needing: some slow time to myself.
wearing: red shirt, black jeans.
smelling: nothing in particular.
noticing: the crisp fall air.
knowing: that I'm happy right now.
laughing: at my friends' funny comments, and the inside jokes that have taken root over time.
thinking: soon, about my thesis topic.
daydreaming: about the fall days ahead.
wishing: for something comforting.
feeling: good overall. 
grateful: for my kind school friends.