January 11, 2017


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So here we are in 2017.

January is always a fun month for me because it's my birthday month. Today was a good one. It was unseasonably warm outside, and I took advantage of the weather while getting some last minute items for my home-made Momofuku Birthday Cake. I also kept my birthday traditions of rainbow sprinkles on my dessert, a blue candle to wish on, and vegetarian pho for dinner. Other highlights include our small family meal, toasting with wine, and La Vie En Rose playing in the bookstore earlier in the day.

I've got plans to stretch out the fun for a bit longer, like waiting for my birthday presents to arrive, going to Sephora, drinking some new-to-me teas, and relaxing a bit more.

I hope this year is the best one yet. Cheers to that!

December 31, 2016

Currently - Week 52

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cooking: salads and pastas.
drinking: tea with soy milk.
reading: so many books. This week alone, I finished Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (probably my favorite, for the portrait of a family it painted, not for the parenting theory), The Fortunes, Hot Milk, Everything I Never Told You, Lost in Translation (Hoffman), Voracious, and Better.
listening: to the people outside.
watching: the scenes outside.
bookmarking: nothing. I didn't use the computer much this week.
looking: at the New Year's tree I helped decorate.
doing: more sleeping in, and not regretting it one bit.
loving: all the time I get to walk outside, read, and (soon) re-unite with friends.
wondering: what 2017 will bring.
hoping: it'll be the best year yet.
wanting: the best year ever.
needing: a bit more caffeine.
wearing: PJ's.
smelling: like the banana pancakes I made this morning.
noticing: how quickly time flies.
knowing: there's more time left.
laughing: at funny things.
thinking: about the year to come.
daydreaming: about the year to come.
wishing: for the best year yet.
feeling: better.

grateful:  for another year.

December 23, 2016

Currently - Week 51

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Whew! Long time no post. Things got really hectic after Thanksgiving, but I am happy to report that I am finally on vacation! These days have included tying up loose ends, enjoying the mild winter weather, and stacking up on volumes from the local library.

cooking: salads, avocado toast, and more.
drinking: Earl Gray tea. 
reading: just finished The Martian. What a page-turner! I decided to check out the movie because I think the book is perfect for a movie translation, and I'm curious if the movie made the changes I thought about while reading.
listening: to TOP's collaboration with another band, Ninet, and more. 
watching: Zootopia. It was great visually, but pretty thin in substance, even considering that it's an allegory.
bookmarking: books to read.
looking: outside.
doing: more walking! 
loving: this time off!
wondering: what the next few weeks and months will bring.
hoping: for a great few weeks and months.
wanting: to continue resting.
needing: this time off.
wearing: dark blue shirt, black jeans, and my parka.
smelling: my grandma's cooking.
noticing: a bit more daylight.
knowing: there are good times ahead! 
laughing: at anything funny.
thinking: about what to do for my birthday. I'm thinking of adjusting my usual tradition - more sprinkles this year! 
daydreaming: of traveling.
wishing: for a great 2017. At least it kicks off with my birthday, which is always a good time, and something I really love about being born in early January.
feeling: good.

grateful: for vacation and time spent with family at home.

November 20, 2016

Currently - Week 46

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cooking: little. Finally visited Clover and tried their chickpea fritter sandwich this past weekend.
drinking: chamomile mango tea. 
reading: just finished When Breath Becomes Air. Really good book reflecting the meaning of life.
listening: to the radio. 
watching: time pass, when I notice it.
bookmarking: recipes and wishlist items.
looking: at my screen.
doing: more writing, finally.
loving: that I was finally able to write most of my paper, as I had set out to do. 
wondering: how I can slow time down.
hoping: for a good, productive week.
wanting: a little more time.
needing: some more warmth.
wearing: a robe.
smelling: my tea.
noticing: how much fun I had this past weekend, with two great social events.
knowing: that there are more good times ahead.
laughing: at my friends' jokes.
thinking: a lot lately.
daydreaming: of warm weather, ocean breezes, and grassy hills.
wishing: for my dreams to come true.
feeling: pretty good.

grateful: to have caught up with my friends and former college classmates in one of my favorite cities. 

November 13, 2016

Currently - Week 45

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cooking: deconstructed sushi bowls. 
drinking: ginger tea mixed with Earl Grey. 
reading: cases and articles, and The New York Times. But oh so very soon, When Breath Becomes Air
listening: to the sound of the ocean on Spotify.
watching: a National Geographic special on turtles. 
bookmarking: more recipes to enjoy.
looking: forward to next weekend, which promises two get-togethers, including one in Cambridge.
doing: slightly less work.
loving: quiet moments. 
wondering: how much quiet I'll be blessed with each day.
hoping: for something great.
wanting: more time to write. 
needing: more sleep, I think. 
wearing: a cozy robe.
smelling: the fresh winter air.
noticing: how much of the month has flown by. 
knowing: everything will be ok. 
laughing: at some late night comedy routines.
thinking: about myself.
daydreaming: about traveling.
wishing: for more little happy moments.
feeling: ok.
grateful: for weekends, generally. 

November 4, 2016

Currently - Week 44

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cooking: this past week, a variation on Mega Crunchy Romaine Salad
drinking: water, tea, and coffee 
reading: soon, when breath becomes air. (Finally got my hands on it.)
listening: to the sound of the ocean on Spotify.
watching: music interviews and videos.
bookmarking: the usual.
looking: out the window.
doing: today, more coloring. Fascinating how calming it really is.
loving: all the good little things my mom does.
wondering: what to eat for dinner.
hoping: for a productive and restful weekend.
wanting: more sleep.
needing: not much more.
wearing: a grey sweatshirt.
smelling: perfume.
noticing: how fall has finally burst forth.
knowing: everything will turn out ok.
laughing: at little funny things.
thinking: about what matters.
daydreaming: about my dreams coming true.
wishing: for my dreams to come true.
feeling: good.
grateful: for all the good little things my mom does.

October 29, 2016

Currently - Week 43

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cooking: lentil-based salads. once, with local pizza (that I did not cook) 
drinking: water, coffee, and tea. 
reading: cases and newspaper articles. a lot going on in the world right now. 
listening: to music. 
watching: the latest gilmore girls trailer, and younow streams 
bookmarking: an endless stream of things to read, make, and think about
looking: at my new calm desktop background 
doing: more. 
loving: learning so many new things. 
wondering: how soon I can catch up on work before I get back to...other work.
hoping: to have a wonderful week. 
wanting: a bit more sleep. 
needing: a bit more time to myself. 
wearing: pj's. 
smelling: nothing in particular.
noticing: how much darker it's getting already.
knowing: that everything will be ok.
laughing: at random turns of phrase, in print and on video. 
thinking: about my readings. 
daydreaming: about being in California again. 
wishing: for the best. 
feeling: alright. 
grateful: for the weekend, even if it had some downs.