September 28, 2016

Currently - Weeks 35 to 39

                                                                                            (image from Pexels)

cooking: this week, spinach salads w/apples, cheddar, and dried cherries. Next week, maybe this honey cake. Or maybe Pho.
drinking: water, coffee, and tea.  
reading: so many cases. 
listening: to the radio, in my car. to cars, from my house. 
watching: music videos, interviews, and other YouTube clips.
bookmarking: ideas for later.
looking: out the window.
doing: a bit more yoga, though I don't have a routine down yet. 
loving: the apple-picking trip I took with friends this past weekend. It was so nice to get out of school and to see a pretty new town. 
wondering: what next week will look like.
hoping: to recover quickly.
wanting: a day off.
needing: some slow time to myself.
wearing: red shirt, black jeans.
smelling: nothing in particular.
noticing: the crisp fall air.
knowing: that I'm happy right now.
laughing: at my friends' funny comments, and the inside jokes that have taken root over time.
thinking: soon, about my thesis topic.
daydreaming: about the fall days ahead.
wishing: for something comforting.
feeling: good overall. 
grateful: for my kind school friends.