May 27, 2016

Currently - Week 21

cooking: Greek salad with garlic croutons. 
drinking: water and tea.
reading: cases, e-mails, and The Wall Street Journal.
listening: to calming playlists on Spotify.
watching: hilarious clips from Friends.
bookmarking: recipes for later this summer.
looking: at all the papers on my desk.
loving: the weather, and how I'm going home this weekend.
wondering: what it'll feel like to complete the assignment I'm working on.
hoping: I finish as much as I can, as early as I can.
wanting: to go home and enjoy Boston proper.
needing: some time off.
wearing: shorts with flowers on them.
smelling: the library air, with its scent of old books.
noticing: how green the trees outside the library look.
knowing: how great I'll feel this weekend, and when I finish this assignment.
laughing: at clips from Friends. (Some of those jokes would definitely have gone over my head when I was little.)
thinking: about the next argument I'm going to make.
daydreaming: about nights and weekends off.
wishing: for some adventure or fun this summer.
feeling: a little tired, but happy.

Now that I'm off from school and have evenings free, I realized that I actually took photos most weeks of the year. I'll be back-dating and posting those shortly. I'll continue posting these weekly updates in this form going forward.

May 20, 2016

Update - Week 20

cooking: spaghetti salad from salgamundi
drinking: water and coffee.
reading: cases involving wills. 
listening: to the radio.
watching: Aviv, the documentary.
bookmarking: the public library's website.
looking: through the writing competition instructions. 
loving: the weather we've been having lately.
wondering: what cool things I'll get to do this summer.
hoping: i'll get to do some fun things on weekends.
wanting: to have a memorable summer.
needing: more quiet moments.
wearing: pajamas. Working from home can be great! 
smelling: the dinner I just cooked.
noticing: how the trees outside my window have changed. 
knowing: there will be more sunny days.
laughing: at last week tonight episodes.
thinking: about how I'm going to approach the memo I'm writing.
daydreaming: about weekend trips.
wishing: my upstairs neighbors would stop dropping heavy things.
feeling: free. ish. 

May 15, 2016

Week 19

We read the Wall Street Journal when there's no Boston Globe

May 1, 2016

Week 17

Spinach pie done right.