November 20, 2016

Currently - Week 46

(image from Pexels)
cooking: little. Finally visited Clover and tried their chickpea fritter sandwich this past weekend.
drinking: chamomile mango tea. 
reading: just finished When Breath Becomes Air. Really good book reflecting the meaning of life.
listening: to the radio. 
watching: time pass, when I notice it.
bookmarking: recipes and wishlist items.
looking: at my screen.
doing: more writing, finally.
loving: that I was finally able to write most of my paper, as I had set out to do. 
wondering: how I can slow time down.
hoping: for a good, productive week.
wanting: a little more time.
needing: some more warmth.
wearing: a robe.
smelling: my tea.
noticing: how much fun I had this past weekend, with two great social events.
knowing: that there are more good times ahead.
laughing: at my friends' jokes.
thinking: a lot lately.
daydreaming: of warm weather, ocean breezes, and grassy hills.
wishing: for my dreams to come true.
feeling: pretty good.

grateful: to have caught up with my friends and former college classmates in one of my favorite cities. 

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