June 27, 2016

Currently - Week 25

cooking: chickpea salad, soon.
drinking: water and coffee.
reading: The Wall Street JournalA Confederacy of Dunces, and statutes galore.
listening: to the radio and the occasional suggestion from Spotify.
watching: Keone and Mari's dance video series. I love this and this. And this. They're really best when they dance together. 
bookmarking: skincare for later.
looking: forward to the rest of the week and the weekend.
loving: the weather still.
wondering: what this weekend will look like.  
hoping: I can find some good articles to read.
wanting: not much more at the moment.
needing: less humidity.
wearing: a black dress, flowered print.
smelling: nothing noticeable.
noticing: how quickly time is moving.
knowing: that everything will be ok.
laughing: at some video.
thinking: about the rest of the summer.
daydreaming: about the rest of the summer.
wishing: for some change.
feeling: good.

June 18, 2016

Currently - Week 24

cooking: tempeh wraps.
drinking:  a lot of water.
reading: The Boston Globe, and soon, A Confederacy of Dunces and The Notorious RBG.
listening: to Christina Grimmie's music.
watching: Keone and Mari's dance videos, especially this great showcase. Makes me want to dance again!
bookmarking: ideas for later.
looking: forward to running along the esplanade tomorrow.
loving: the weather lately.
wondering: when I'll get to see my friends next. Summer involves so much travel!
hoping: for a good week.
wanting: more variety in my week. I'm working on it, starting by thinking small.
needing: quiet "me"  time.
wearing: khaki skirt, blue shirt.
smelling: the roses outside of the house I walked by this afternoon.
noticing: for the first time, the lovely blue house with purple-blue potted flowers hanging over the entrance. It's just a couple of blocks away from school, and it looks like a dream.
knowing: that this summer will be great!
laughing: not right now.
thinking: about my research, of course.
daydreaming: of seeing a turquoise sea.
wishing:some things could be different.
feeling: ok.

June 10, 2016

Currently - Week 23

cooking: soon, pub ploughman’s lunch salad.
drinking:  water.
reading: I just finished The Basil and Josephine Stories. I loved the “Basil” stories, but not the “Josephine” ones.
listening:  to the usual.
watching: The Ptxperience.
bookmarking: recipe ideas for later.
looking: forward to celebrating my mom’s birthday this weekend.
loving: that it’s already Friday afternoon.
wondering: what to do this week.
hoping: to sleep in.
wanting: to jog too.
needing: more “me” time.
wearing: white skirt, red shirt.
smelling: the sriracha from my lunch.
noticing: the brightness of the sky.
knowing: at least some of this weekend will be great.
laughing: sometimes.
thinking: about the next book I’m going to read.
daydreaming: about the weekend.
wishing: for good luck.

feeling: pretty good.

June 3, 2016

Currently - Week 22

cooking: homemade pizza tonight, and gado gado (Indonesian Peanut Salad) this week
drinking: the usual. 
reading: the "Sunday Routines" section of the New York Times and, of course, cases and articles.
listening: to the sound of nothing but my keyboard in the library
watching: Gilmore Girls
bookmarking: ideas for the summer.
looking: forward to what fun will unfold this summer.
loving: the weather.
wondering: what I'm going to do this weekend.
hoping: to sleep in this weekend.
wanting: to create a nice home. It's definitely getting there after I cleaned!
needing: more sleep.
wearing: grey jeans and my silk-like blue shirt.
smelling: the wooden scent from the pencil I'm using.
noticing: how quickly we got to Friday!
knowing: that I'm learning a lot, and it's only been two to three days on the job.
laughing: at jokes.
thinking: how much fun I'm going to have e-mailing one different friend every workday this month.
daydreaming: about seeing the ocean.
wishing: not to forget how important each day is.
feeling: a little tired but happy.