July 16, 2016

Currently - Week 28.5

Pink Flowers and Green Leaves

Looking backwards and forwards during Week 28.5. This way, I capture all of the things I've enjoyed so far and all of the things I'm looking forward to. (Image by Aurelien, from here.)

cooking: more of that delicious spinach and strawberry salad, and eggplant noodles.
drinking: currently, chamomile tea.
reading: law journal articles (still loving them). And soon, Middlemarch (because it was recommended by a former house tutor here, which reminded me that I've been meaning to read it for years).
listening: to more TØP and what's on the radio.
watching: YouTube videos, I think.
bookmarking: more recipes, like a rose and pistachio cake, and a Persian love cake.
looking: forward to the rest of the weekend.
doing: more yoga.
loving: my new library card, and the books I got to check out with it. 
wondering: how much I'll be able to read this week.
hoping: to interact with my friends more, and to have more full evenings.
wanting: not too much more.
needing: not much more.
wearing: a new old pair of shorts.
smelling: the chili I cooked earlier.
noticing: how it's mid-July.
knowing: there's more left to the summer.
laughing: at something that happened earlier this week with a hat.
thinking: about the future.
daydreaming: about the future.
wishing: for more peace.
feeling: pretty good, and grateful too.

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