July 30, 2016

Currently - Week 30.5

Looking backwards and forwards during Week 30.5.

cooking: tofu-based non-dairy yogurt (a first). 
drinking: water and coffee always.
reading: articles and reports galore. Also, Smarter, Faster, Better
listening: to a live broadcast of the Tanglewood concert tonight (currently playing Sibelius)! Previously, No Phun Intended (obsessed)! 
watching: the sea in Beverly/Salem.
bookmarking: more recipes and articles.
looking: at the cleaning I need to do tomorrow.
doing: more thinking - and coming up with more ideas as a result.
loving: the weather today. No humidity and just the right amount of heat.
wondering: whether the area around my house is better suited to running than I had previously thought.
hoping: my dreams come true.
wanting: to jog at the Esplanade and to go to Harvard Square in the near future.
needing: to sleep in tomorrow.
wearing: shorts and a tee.
smelling: the salt of the sea in Beverly/Salem.
noticing: how many happy little moments I've had this summer. 
knowing: there's more to look forward to.
laughing: at something my friend and her friend said.
thinking: about the comments made by during the Tanglewood broadcaster.
daydreaming: about the future.
wishing: the sound at my place wouldn't carry so much. 
feeling: the breeze coming from the ocean in Beverly/Salem.
grateful: for the new experiences I've had this summer.

July 23, 2016

Currently - Week 29.5

Looking backwards and forwards during Week 29.5. (Image from Pexels.)

cooking: "quesadillas," pasta, and (spontaneously) rosewater muffins (good!). 
drinking: water and coffee. 
reading: law journal articles, books, The Wall Street Journal, and some of Harvard Business Review. Also, some helpful online articles found by chance.
listening: to the radio and the last of TØP, I think. I love the song "Truce."
watching: make-up videos on YouTube.
bookmarking: more recipes, articles, and ideas for later.
looking: forward to going home again in a few weeks, and jogging around the Esplanade again.
doing: more contemplation.
loving: the articles I've read this week, and how inspired I felt, even if only briefly.
wondering: what I'll do for the rest of the summer (outside of work).
hoping: to see more of my friends or to find more of a routine that I enjoy.
wanting: to find that routine.
needing: quiet and fresh, cool air.
wearing: my pj's.
smelling: the fresh (and not so fresh) air outside.
noticing: how much more aware I am this week.
knowing: everything will be at least good.
laughing: at something funny somewhere, no doubt.
thinking: a good deal, lately.
daydreaming: about the future.
wishing: for the things I want most to be great.
feeling: aware.
grateful: for a Saturday.

July 16, 2016

Currently - Week 28.5

Pink Flowers and Green Leaves

Looking backwards and forwards during Week 28.5. This way, I capture all of the things I've enjoyed so far and all of the things I'm looking forward to. (Image by Aurelien, from here.)

cooking: more of that delicious spinach and strawberry salad, and eggplant noodles.
drinking: currently, chamomile tea.
reading: law journal articles (still loving them). And soon, Middlemarch (because it was recommended by a former house tutor here, which reminded me that I've been meaning to read it for years).
listening: to more TØP and what's on the radio.
watching: YouTube videos, I think.
bookmarking: more recipes, like a rose and pistachio cake, and a Persian love cake.
looking: forward to the rest of the weekend.
doing: more yoga.
loving: my new library card, and the books I got to check out with it. 
wondering: how much I'll be able to read this week.
hoping: to interact with my friends more, and to have more full evenings.
wanting: not too much more.
needing: not much more.
wearing: a new old pair of shorts.
smelling: the chili I cooked earlier.
noticing: how it's mid-July.
knowing: there's more left to the summer.
laughing: at something that happened earlier this week with a hat.
thinking: about the future.
daydreaming: about the future.
wishing: for more peace.
feeling: pretty good, and grateful too.

July 11, 2016

Currently - Week 27.5

Looking back on Week 27.5, writing in future tense

cooking: spinach salad with strawberries and homemade tortillas.
drinking: water and coffee.
reading: law journal articles. (Really interesting still!)
listening: to tracks on YouTube. Recently got into Twenty Pilots' Doubt.
watching: my friend's vlog series. Fascinating to think about the day-to-day of life, and so great to get inspired again. 
bookmarking: recipes for later.
looking: forward to housekeeping.
loving: how much nicer my home feels when it's really clean. 
wondering: what a weekend without my trip to the Esplanade will be like.
hoping: for more.
wanting: to do well.
needing: more.
wearing: my college shirt. School spirit! 
smelling: the fresh air.
noticing: how quickly days go by.
knowing: that everything will be ok, and if it's not ok, it's not the end.
laughing: with my friend's videos.
thinking: about the near future.
daydreaming: about the near future.
wishing: for my dreams to come true.
feeling: glad that I'm getting to the other side, and grateful for everything that I have.

July 5, 2016

Currently - Week 26

Looking back on Week 26, writing in future tense

cooking: spinach salad with marinated tofu and strawberries
drinking: the usual.
reading: law journal articles. (Really interesting!)
listening: to the radio.
watching: the end of Keone and Mari's dance video series. 
bookmarking: law journal articles?
looking: forward to going on a day hike for the first time in years.
loving: the weather?
wondering: what hiking will be like.
hoping: for more opportunities to interact.
wanting: to improve.
needing: more time to myself.
wearing: a turquoise shirt and a running skort.
smelling: the trees outside.
noticing: how quickly the summer is going by.
knowing: that everything will be ok.
laughing: at some video.
thinking: about the future.
daydreaming: about the future.
wishing: for some things to happen.
feeling: happier.